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Lynn Shilp
  -    -  Lynn Shilp

Lynn Shilp

Breagha Glass began as a hobby, developed into a passion & naturally a small business evolved.




     Lynn studied in Edinburgh in the 1990’s at Telford College & attended classes at Edinburgh School of Art.



Eventually settling in Highland Perthshire & finally fulfilling the dream has culminated in the launch of Breagha Glass in 2014, an exciting new venture from her glass art studio in Keltneyburn.

Design begins with an idea, then onto a sketch, progressing to measuring, cutting, layering & stacking the glass to a design specification before being placed in the electric powered & computer controlled kiln, where a series of rapid heat cycles, with preset temperatures around 1490 F (810 C) are held at predetermined intervals to allow bonding, & finally, a process of slow cooling is essential to complete the fused glass art work process.


Lynns work is inspired by the ever changing colours of the Highland seasons, which reflect through the light eminating from her pieces.