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Ali Goodyear
  -    -    -  Ali Goodyear


Ali Goodyear

Ali was brought up in the rural area of Lamancha, Peeblesshire and still lives there today. Following a degree, then a Masters’ degree in Design and Applied Arts at Edinburgh College of Art, she took up secondary art teaching in 1999.
Having focused on career and family for 16 years, Ali set herself a challenge in summer 2016 – to make a faithful copy of her favourite still life painting, “Fruits of the Midi” by Auguste Renoir. This piece will be on display here at the exhibition (although not for sale).
“It represented hope for me! I felt, yes I can go back to painting, there is something there.” Since then, she has been painting at every available moment; however still life was never going to be her focus as she felt it didn’t offer as much chance to evoke mystery and feeling.
Although trained in architectural glass, she also produced landscape work to complement her studies at ECA, travelling to the Lake district and northern Scotland to capture what she found beautiful. Returning to this subject, she now mainly focuses on the ever-changing seascape of Scotland, especially in the East Neuk of Fife.