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Anna Dorward
  -  Anna Dorward

Anna is a freelance artist and illustrator who likes to explore the intricacies of the natural world through her work. She has been commissioned over the years by The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh over the years to produce botanical illustrations, which have been published in a number of scientific papers, as well as The Edinburgh Journal Of Botany. 

Anna also works in oils, watercolour, and pen and ink, and creates paintings inspired by British flora and fauna. Her attention to detail achieves realistic animal portraits which accurately captures the animal’s likeness. As well as more conventional paintings of plants and animals, Anna also likes to delve into the world of mythology and Pagan themes, creating portrait of Gods and creatures which are rich in symbolism and detail. 

Anna lives in Peebles, Scotland with her two children. When she isn’t creating art, she’s in the woods foraging for wild food and medicinal herbs, and exploring the wilderness of the Scottish Borders.