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Claire Omand
  -    -    -  Claire Omand

Claire Omand

Claire is a landscape artist who grew up in Orkney. She completed an HNC in Fine Art at Orkney College before graduating with a BA (Hons) in Drawing and Painting from Edinburgh College of Art. She moved to the Scottish Borders after living in Canada for a short time.

Claire works in acrylic paints, building up a textured ground to work on, using many layers and washes to build up depth and atmosphere in her work. She likes to use graphite and coloured pencil to create subtle lines and patterns which change depending on how the light hits the work or which angle the viewer looks at it.

Growing up in the countryside Claire was surrounded by vast land and seascapes which change rapidly in the ever-varying weather conditions of the Islands. Familiarity with these landscapes was the underpinning of her inspiration throughout her time at Edinburgh College of Art. After graduating Claire took a break from painting, concentrating on family life. With some more time on her hands and a shed in the garden to work in she was keen to get back to painting. Now living in Peebles, Orkney is still a big influence in much of Claire’s work. Recently she has been walking in the local hills which have provided a wealth of new inspiration. Although very different to Orkney, the hills still hold a familiar feeling of openness and fleeting weather conditions and she strives to create a similar sense of atmosphere in these works.