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Alexandra Warren
  -    -    -  Alexandra Warren

Alexandra Warren was born in New York City but spent her childhood in Greece; the influence of Greece can be seen in her work, especially her most recent paintings, which incorporate metal leaf reminiscent of Greek Byzantine icons. Alexandra began painting on the island of Paros and later received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from Rhode Island School of Design in the U.S.A. Alexandra also studied with Paul Martin and Alastair Gordon at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Alexandra uses colour and symbol in a way that references late-modern abstraction in order to paint life-size figures. The physical act of painting is a conversation which begins with layers of the materials she is working with – whether this is oil paint, or metal leaf over old-fashioned gesso. The canvas or panel is then stained, dragged and drawn, slowly revealing figures who stand and stare, dance or converse in silence.