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Gillian Westland
  -  Gillian Westland
Gillian Westland

I am an Artist working outside Edinburgh in a town called Penicuik at the foot of the Pentland Hills.

I studied Fine Art at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen, Specialising in Sculpture and Conceptual art. My work was heavily focused on the marks we leave in time and centred mainly on the human experience, however from as far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated with Animals and nature. I discovered my need to create at a young age while exploring animals in my drawings and paintings. Now my need to create is driven by my interests in animals and nature and how our marks in time directly effects the natural world. At a time when we need to address our actions as a species, the work I am making is more and more relevant to that cause.

I search for a message in the eyes of the animals and birds that I paint. I see them as little messengers asking us questions about ourselves and our connections with nature. My conceptual background requires me to look for more than just a physical representation. I want to capture the essence of the animals and birds I paint. I am fascinated by the myth and legends surrounding birds especially and how we see our own human experience represented by the behaviours and aesthetics of wildlife. A reminder to us perhaps of how we could live more simply as the wild creatures do.