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Heather M. Nisbet
  -    -  Heather M. Nisbet

Heather M. Nisbet

”Generally I sketch out a work in charcoal and then paint using acrylics, combined with various mediums to produce different effects. I like the results you get when you smudge a charcoal line and apply dilute paint to it; some of the charcoal flows into the colour, which can add texture and a bit more interest to the image. Occasionally I’ll then apply more charcoal and other media (such as oil sticks or pastel) on top – and then I blend and fix it all with the finishing varnish.

I moved back home here in 2014, after having spent years working in Glasgow. Now my days are spent either painting in the studio or walking around the town with my Jack Russell terrier, sketching or taking photos to use to create new work. Oddly, I didn’t used to use green very much in my paintings, but now that I’m surrounded by the lush landscapes of Dumfries and Galloway I keep having to buy new tubes of this colour!”