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Jemma Derbyshire
  -  Jemma Derbyshire


Colour, surface and mark are the driving forces behind my practice. My subject matter is found in the everyday – predominately in the unorganised still lives of home and garden paraphernalia. Often just being caught by the haphazard placement of one object beside another, I get lost in visual connects, manipulating space and looking for the abstract values that exist within observation. Playful in nature, the works begin to take on their own direction, leading me through a dialogue of colour in response to a heavily prepared under surface.  My current work explores the natural forms of plants and flowers against the landscape environment.

I live and work in East Lothian, Scotland. My studio is tucked away at the bottom of garden, and allows me a little sanctuary in which to work, aided by my trusty Lurcher, who sits in ‘her chair’ watching me work. When I am not in my own studio, I run Paintbox School of Art – an Art School created by myself and my business partner 10 years ago. I truly love the daily engagement with other Artists, and it such a rewarding job alongside my personal painting practice.