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Morag Stevenson
  -    -    -    -  Morag Stevenson

Born in Aberdeen, Morag Stevenson trained at Edinburgh College of Art studying drawing and painting from 1974 -1978. Her tutors included Elizabeth Blackadder, James Cumming and Robert Callender. After 37 years teaching art in West Lothian Schools while also continuing to paint and exhibit, she now has the opportunity to focus more on my own work full time.

Morag’s paintings are often inspired by plants and natural forms and she works mainly in acrylic on either board or canvas, producing mainly still life and landscape. Strong elements of contrasting colour alongside pattern and texture is often a feature of her work. The still life paintings feature everyday objects, which she has collected, in domestic interiors but there is also an element of imagination too as the paintings take on a life of their own through the painting process.