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Winifred Hodge
  -  Winifred Hodge

My paintings are informed and inspired by spending quiet time in the wild open spaces on land and by the sea mostly in Scotland. My  sketches and notes are not only a response to the visual but attempt to capture the subjective element and whole experience of an environment and its integrity. I have been fortunate to have been brought up on a farm in Galloway and spent many years in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales but the wild open spaces of Scotland and its islands are where I yearn to be and seek inspiration. The colours and clarity of light, especially in winter are a constant source of awe and wonder and it is a challenge, using mostly mixed media, and in a spontaneous and intuitive way, to capture that which stops me in my tracks,

I love using my vast collection of papers, painted or printed, often from found objects and make many different forms of artists’ books.

I have enjoyed leading workshops over many years in many parts of the country and presently only in the Yorkshire Dales. I enjoy seeing people tap into their unrealised abilities and surprise themselves by their creativity.

60 x 50cm m/m on wood