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Allan Wright
  -    -    -    -    -    -    -  Allan Wright

Allan Wright

Allan is an established award-winning Scottish photographer with 30 years experience and continues to work full time on abstract and classic material in both Scotland and abroad.“I approach the Scottish landscape & architecture in classic and abstract forms. I also work in other genres such as travel, street & reportage.

I am inspired by nature and man-made creations but I don’t regard my role so much as an “originator” more as a “receiver transmitter”, whereby the beauty or essence of the subject passes through my eye, my heart and my hands. Reward manifests when others connect with and are also moved by the feeling or content delivered by the image. I never feel I own the subject or the two dimensional representations that are subsequently deliver forth to the public.

I value highly the quality of lyricism; a sense of story inherent that leads the viewer further into the image.  Images with this quality are not so frequently realised but the experience of the initial encounter with the subject and the process of visualisation is something I still find truly exhilarating.”