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Magdalena Waclawiak
  -    -    -  Magdalena Waclawiak



Magdalena Wacławiak is a Contemporary Landscape Artist from Scotland based in Glasgow. She works in the field of drawing and painting. Her style can best be described as experimental with influences of abstract-expressionism, impressionism and fauvism.

She conveys the sense of place and its absence found in the Scottish landscape. Inspired by her travels across Scotland and the poetic memoirs of the mountaineer Nan Shepherd, she pursues her own journey into “The Living Mountain”. Wacławiak’s portrayal of the landscape is well balanced and translates into both movement and stillness. She records the rugged Scottish mountains and seaside in a dynamic way, using exaggerated hues of colour and savage mark making to convey the dramatic mood and atmosphere.

She immerses herself fully in the environment and makes her work directly on site as an immediate response to her visit to the land. A pilgrimage to the site becomes part of the work and allows her to translate the sense of place directly from the source into her work.