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Jude Edgar
  -  Jude Edgar



I’ve always painted, but only came to focus on my own painting in 2010 after studying art history and spending many years writing books on other people’s art.


Inspired by local landscapes and seascapes, I love experimenting with expressive mark-making – using a wide range of media, including acrylic, oil, ink, watercolour, pencil and oil pastels.  I tend to work intuitively, and my paintings usually evolve through “happy accidents” as I build up layers, add glazes, spray with a water bottle, and push the paint around with palette knives, brushes, brayers, silicone wedges and squeegees. I sometimes add texture with crackle paste, and add shimmer with metallic powder and gold leaf. I like to use spatters of fluid paint and acrylic ink to create a sense of energy and glittering light – especially in my seascapes.